Contractor Management Software for Suppliers or Subcontractors

Why consider Contractor Management Software for your suppliers?

Many organisations employ subcontractors across their sites, with varying compliance requirements (e.g. documents, qualifications, inductions) for each one.

Implementing a software system into your business can not only help organise and track documentation and workers across worksites, but it can also ensure you remain compliant with work health and safety requirements and legislation and make your sites safer for workers.

If you are an organisation that engages contractors or subbies, this article outlines the benefits of implementing Contractor Management Software within your business.

Workplace Health and Safety System

Many subcontractors are required to meet an organisation's pre-qualification or company-level requirements before they are contracted to undertake work, such as;

  • adequate onboarding processes
  • effective safety management systems
  • safe work method statements
  • applicable licences
  • accreditations and permits
  • appropriate and up to date insurances
  • OSHA recordkeeping
  • safety performance history

Workplace Health and Safety Systems are important within any company as they ensure processes for risks and hazards management are implemented and safety measures actioned, where necessary.

Various points that should be established within your Workplace Health and Safety System to effectively manage workplace health and safety are;

  • company objectives that include Work Health and Safety goals
  • processes for accomplishing these goals
  • roles and responsibilities for staff accountable for WHS risk assessments and decisions
  • training processes to ensure staff have the right skills to undertake the allocated tasks
  • consultation processes with all applicable parties
  • auditing of company systems and documentation, and
  • process for the storage of applicable documentation and distribution to appropriate parties.

Compliance is an ongoing process and a Workplace Health and Safety System should be regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up to date and in line with current legislation and work practices.

Managing internal supplier and worker WHS and compliance can be significantly streamlined using a digital solution. These allow you to assign requirements to suppliers at the company, worker or plant or equipment level and track the submission of all required documents with a simple compliance status.

Audits and Reporting

Managing certain safety tasks such as incident reporting and site audits can be streamlined with online safety systems.

Digital tools such as incident reporting software allow both internal staff and contractors to report incidents via simple online incident forms. These tools provide complete visibility of all incidents, injuries and near misses with a live register and ensures management can view and track corrective actions efficiently.

Online solutions can provide a paperless option and certain systems, like Comply Flow, provide a mobile inspection app to manage audits and inspections. Online systems allow you to set custom inspection templates and assign them to individuals or teams, access accurate and up-to-date history of inspections and corrective actions from any device, quickly capture photos and data on-site for immediate upload, and generate reports to distribute critical information

Employee Competencies and Qualifications

To ensure that your workforce is compliant across contractor sites; employee documentation and training must be maintained and copies provided to all relevant parties.

Many companies have various systems in place to track employee documentation, such as spreadsheets or physical processes. However, manually maintaining all the relevant qualifications, licences and other documentation can be a time-consuming and onerous job.

This is where an online compliance system can benefit your company…

Comply Flow software allows businesses to:

  • set requirements for Workers based on their role (eg. qualification documents, work licences, inductions and training)
  • track Supplier and contractor compliance based on unique requirements for Supplier categories or Worker roles
  • ensure your workforce is compliant and work-ready before they attend a work site

For Enterprise

If you’re a large organisation that engages suppliers or subcontractors, Comply Flow’s enterprise solution offers a comprehensive suite of modules that all sync together seamlessly in one online app. To learn more about how you can better manage contractors, get in touch via the messenger below or drop us a line here.

For Suppliers

If you’re a subcontractor (or any other type of supplier) looking for an easy way to share company docs, tickets, qualifications and competencies with your host Clients then our online WHS & HR Document Management system makes this a breeze.

Comply Flow Connect allows any business to share their worker documents, such as competencies and qualifications, for free. This is an easy way for organisations to access accurate and up-to-date information and all parties can ensure that their entire workforce is compliant and work-ready

Suppliers can get started in 5 simple steps:

  1. Create a Free Account for your Company
  2. Add your Workers to the account
  3. Assign Document Requirements to your workforce
  4. Upload Documents
  5. Share these Workers with your Contractors

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