Why Use Software Instead of Manual Company Prequalification Templates?

Why Use Software Instead of Manual Company Prequalification Templates?

Guaranteeing suppliers are prequalified allows you to screen and assess a company’s safety systems and track record to better gauge the risk involved with hiring them. However, many companies still manage their suppliers with paper and spreadsheets, and are still dealing with all of the long email trails and missing data and compliance gaps that come with a manual approach.

Some common prequalification documents include, but are not limited to;

  • organisational information (e.g. ASIC report, bankruptcy report)
  • appropriate permits, licences and other business documentation
  • certificates of currency for applicable insurances
  • work health and safety management system (e.g. SWMS)
  • employee licences, qualifications and other necessary documentation

While searching for company pre-qualification templates or free best-practice resources online may seem appealing, organisations who want to take compliance and risk seriously are best off looking into a digital company prequalification solution.

What do businesses need to include in their Prequalification Forms?

Some items that could be included in your organisations prequalification include, but are not limited to, the following:

Business Details

  • Business Attributes
  • Corporate Officers and/or Shareholders/Partners
  • Parent, Affiliate, and/or Subsidiary Companies
  • Employees
  • Operations
  • Litigation/Bankruptcy
  • Financial Details
  • Job History
  • Largest Contracts
  • Capacity

Safety Statistics

  • Contact for Insurance Information
  • Workers Compensation
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Safety Performance History
  • Regulatory

Safety Programs & Procedures

  • Work Health and Safety Management System
  • Site-Specific Safety Plan
  • Policies
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Management
  • Medicals and Fit For Work Policy
  • Benefits
  • Accident Investigation Procedure
  • Safety Inspections
  • PPE, Equipment Inspections, Audits
  • Meetings
  • Subcontractors
  • Safety Training/Orientation
  • Training Records
  • Induction Program for Newly Hired Personnel
  • OSHA Construction Safety Courses

Other Documentation

  • Contractor General Conditions Agreement
  • Other Desired Documents

What Prequalification Software Can Do For Your Business

For Enterprises Managing the Supply Chain

Working with a provider like Comply Flow, for example, enables organisations to consolidate all of their supplier management tasks and documentation in one, easy-to-use online portal.

An industry leading provider with clients across multiple high risk and low-risk industries will already have industry standard and best-practice prequalification forms, criteria and workflows set up for existing clients. When you join as a client, you access this wealth of knowledge, refined from working with multiple blue-chip clients across multiple industries: construction, manufacturing, aviation and property.

Incorporating all contractor information into an online system enables your organisation to not only set personalised requirements and criteria for suppliers to meet, but can help verify that both you and your suppliers are and remain compliant with any relevant legislation and legal requirements.

If you already have a prequalification system in place, most online solutions allow you to save time by documenting your company’s existing process, as well as being able to prioritise the suppliers must have items vs those items that can be deferred (e.g. workers compensation, modern slavery). This ensures that suppliers standards and ethics better align with your organisations.

Using a digital company prequalification solution also offers your organisation complete visibility to see which suppliers are compliant, what criteria they fall short on and the progress your vendors/suppliers have made along your prequalification workflow. Our system also includes automatic reminder notifications that are sent to contractors with partially completed prequalification applications.

Standardising your pre-qualification questions and criteria for your organisation, and automating your invitation of suppliers, is an efficient and uncomplicated way to cut out suppliers that don’t meet your criteria.

For Suppliers

Comply Flow Prequalification Software isn’t just for large enterprises. With our solution, Suppliers can become ‘Comply Flow accredited’ (level 1, 2 or 3) for a small fee, and then easily share this prequalification accreditation with any external clients your company provides services to. This saves your business time and money, by minimising the effort required to demonstrate compliance and best-practice WHS practices to multiple clients. You just have to manage your one company/business profile, and can share your prequalification status with any other organisations.

How does Comply Flow Company Pre-qualification work?

With Comply Flow, you can manage your entire supplier prequalification process in our online portal.

The solution is configurable, and can be as simple or as comprehensive as your business needs.

  1. Set up your pre-qualification application with our expert team to determine what you will request from contractors based on their responses
  2. Invite your contractors
  3. Contractors complete the pre-qualification application
  4. Your team, or (optional) our in-house Safety Team, review the pre-qualification application.
  5. Accepted contractors will see all document requirements to upload on their dashboard
  6. Once all requirements have been met, your contractors receive a ‘compliant’ or ‘not compliant’ status in the app, which you can easily access and view all documentation uploaded (or outstanding) from any device

Our system also has capability to track and manage the compliance of your suppliers’ workers and any plant or equipment they bring onto your sites.

If you’re interested in our Company Prequalification solution, or want to learn more about our other products, get in touch!

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