CBRE engaged Comply Flow in 2011 to deliver a software system that would automate both internal and third-party audits and compliance management for assets within their portfolio.

Historically, CBRE’s audit process was managed via the use of spreadsheets at each site, relying heavily on the discipline of individual building managers to update the forms based on their progress in completing corrective actions. Consequently, there was minimal visibility for senior management over the corrective action management process and poor system procedures overall.


Comply Flow was able to quickly implement the Inspection Management module to automate compliance audits entered into the system (CSV/iPad), enabling the immediate tracking and record of all actions taken. All recommendations were allocated to responsible persons, with tracking of corrective action close outs also enabled.

Using our system, CBRE was able to efficiently demonstrate their active compliance management, including live completion rate of corrective actions, customised reporting specific to client demands and push notifications sent out to ensure timely completion.


$ in global assets


assets managed through Australian Asset Services
Multiple organisational users and administrators