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Why invest in Supply Chain Compliance Software?

This article elucidates what is meant by Supply Chain Compliance, and discusses what to look for in a provider when searching for Supply Chain Compliance software.

What is Supply Chain Compliance?

All companies have a “Primary Duty” to ensure the health and safety of their workers. Each party in the supply chain must ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the safety of their employees, and other persons entering their worksites or utilising equipment.

The main goal of Supply Chain Compliance (SCV) is to ensure organisations have the knowledge, access to information and capacity to monitor compliance across their operations so that they are able to adhere to industry regulation requirements.

This article provides information on why this is important and what you can do to improve how you manage your Supply Chain Compliance.

Requirements in the model WHS Act, a nationally recognised framework maintained by Safework Australia, require organisations managing their suppliers to work cooperatively to reduce WHS risks. Supply chain compliance is ensuring organisations know what is happening within their business, what is occurring on site across their operations, and being able to communicate that information to the relevant parties.

Ensuring compliance within the supply chain helps to ensure a safer workplace and workflow for all persons. To ensure compliance within the supply chain a company should:

  • understand its responsibilities and the relevant regulatory requirements
  • review their operations to ensure duties are carried out and requirements are met
  • takes corrective actions when needed
  • ensure continuous communication occurs between all parties involved in the supply chain
  • maintain oversight over there operations with processes for monitoring the supply chain

What is Supply Chain Compliance software?

Supply chain compliance software is a management system that consolidates and streamlines an organisation’s processes, files and other regulatory documentation - saving time and money by reducing administration tasks that are often managed manually via emails and spreadsheets. This can include products or features for:

  • Supplier & Worker Management
  • Worker Training & Inductions
  • Plant & Equipment Management
  • Incident Management
  • Audit & Inspections
  • Permit to Work Management
  • Site Access & Security Management
  • Lone Worker Management
  • Visitor Management

When looking for Supply Chain Compliance software, finding a compliance platform that covers off the above list can save you time and hassle down the road as your organisation’s needs can expand from compliance management, to a full WHS solution.

What are the Benefits of Supply Chain Compliance Software?

Supply Chain Compliance software will benefit your company by allowing you to manage all your business & workforce documentation in one place and help you to stay compliant with relevant legislation and industry standards.

An effective solution will be configurable, meaning you will be able to map your existing compliance and risk management processes, or WHS protocols, to the software - essentially replicating your existing system in an online portal. Working with a solution with industry expertise can also help to refine or build out existing processes for businesses who require a more hands-on approach. Check out Comply Flow’s service offering if you’re interested in a customisable solution, where you only pay for the exact features and modules you need.

For example, Comply Flow’s industry platform allows you to manage all your HR and compliance admin in one place. You can:

  • request and manage suppliers’ company level licences, insurances, plant equipment and more.
  • manage suppliers’ workers profiles to request and review compliance records or training and check in real-time which workers are qualified, competent and compliant.
  • track incidents, inspections, audits and corrective actions in one place.
  • manage work permits and site access requirements.
  • check in real-time which workers are qualified, competent and work ready for different clients.
  • stay on top of your documentation requirements with automated workflows and expiry reminders.

Comply Flow is an easy way to stay organised and maintain operational visibility, with access to accurate and up to date information on your supply chain, and two-way communication built into the platform - meaning both your organisation and your supply chain can meet WHS legislative requirements, avoid health and safety risks and reduce exposure to legal or financial liability in the case of an incident.

How to choose the right Supply Chain Compliance software?

To ensure you choose the right software for your organisation you should:

  1. determine your needs; meet with relevant parties within your organisation to determine what you want and need from the software. Check what information is provided by the systems and what is achievable with the provided information.
  2. determine the needs of your supply chain - do they want another software to have to onboard workers to and manage, or would they prefer an industry portal (where Contractors and Workers have one profile they can share with all their clients?)
  3. outline your preferred features; create a list of preferred features that the software should have
  4. research; have a look at all the options available and find the best system for your organisation.

If you’re currently looking for a Supply Chain Software System, Comply Flow software provides a secure and easy way for you and other parties to access accurate and up to date information to ensure that the workforce is compliant and work-ready.

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